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Two new galleries featuring my music

My music has recently been featured on 2 new online galleries. Firstly there’s Amanda Norman’s new gallery here;

And then there’s the new site from Dark River Press which features multiple galleries from different artists (including Amanda) along with my music;

Both sites have some truly breathtaking imagery so please take the time to visit & look around – these artists really do deserve your support.

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  1. Katy Aretxabaleta 15th November 2011

    Congratz Tony! Will be checking all of this out..Finally getting a bit caught up on here, thought, the Holidays are all now approaching. So I had better do so fast ;D Haven’t been to the Dark Rivers Press site yet.. Looking forward to it though, I’ve been to Amanda’s, yet it’s been a while so I am due to go there again as well. Now I can catch up on both your works! ^_~.

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