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That Damned Cow – Just What is Norwegian Slow TV?

Slow TV has been around since 2009 when NRK (the Norwegian state broadcaster) started broadcasting realtime programmes – people liked what they saw, it was a change from the normal frenetic programming & popularity for this movement grew.

Typically Slow TV programmes have rich visual aesthetics, often with a relaxing scene, but not exclusively so. Subjects have included the beauty of the Norwegian landscape, train rides and boat trips to name but a few, all happening in realtime for the viewer.

But Slow TV doesn’t end there, Slow TV could be anything at all. It’s a difficult thing to explain and that’s why Tim Prevett’s short documentary on the subject sums it up perfectly.

I wrote a lot of the music for this documentary & it is now available online to watch for free – so put your feet up & open you mind to this amazing phenomenon…

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