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“sometimes life starts when you’re dead” … my music and the final cut of Dead In Love

To me there’s probably nothing better than composing music for a movie. Each project is like a great adventure; I’m given a starting point for my journey, maybe some idea of where I’m headed, but then I’m off on my own, uncharted waters. The whole ebb & flow of music composition is fascinating to me; I learnt at a very early stage of my career that to be a good composer you need to be open to change, embracing it when it happens, because change is inevitable, there’s really no escaping it especially in the music world.

I guess my second most favourite thing relating to composing is receiving the final cut of a movie that I’ve worked on. The shear excitement of holding that finished product in my hands is really quite indescribable & to hear my music integrated into the scenes, with actors, sound effects, etc. is just a magical experience. It reminds me of why I got into this whole business in the first place.

I recently experienced that second feeling once again when I received the final cut of Chris Watson’s movie Dead In Love. I’d wrote the entire soundtrack for this movie. Writing stretched from 2008 to 2009 & there was no denying that it was hard work, but with Chris’s encouragement & direction I think I’ve come up with a soundtrack to be truly proud of. Not only that, but the movie is really good too. In fact ‘good’ doesn’t really do the movie justice, scratch that, it’s an amazing movie.

Starring Eric Edwards (Blade, Sgt Bilko), Randal Malone (MTV’s Singled Out), Gerard Marzilli (Richard III, Evil Ever After), Kristin Minter (E.R., Diamond Men), Donald Morgan, Ford Austin (Slaughter Party, Evil Ever After), Joe De Nicola (Godfather 2, Capone), Joe Estevez (Apocalypse Now, I Got the Hook Up) and Academy Award Winner Margaret O’Brien (Meet Me in St. Louis), the movie tells the tale of  two friends, who just happen to be ghosts. They decide to go in search of a girl they liked in high school & when one of them gets the chance to be with her he has to do it in the body of an awkward nerd. It’s touching, it’s funny; think Woody Allen meets Kevin smith & you won’t be far wrong.

There’s also special appearances by Robert Martin Carroll (director of Sonny Boy), Adam Deyoe (director of Yeti: A Love Story), Dennis Hayden (Die Hard, Action Jackson), Lloyd Kaufman (Director of Toxic Avenger), Mighty Mike Murga (Slaughter Party, Epic Movie), Brad Paulson (director of Evil Ever After), Richard Norton (Mr. Nice Guy, City Hunter), Tony Todd (Platoon, Candyman) and Joshua Leonard (Blair Witch Project, Shaggy Dog).

I’m currently overseeing the production of a movie soundtrack CD for Dead In Love which will feature all of the music from movie, not only my compositions but music from featured artists like Blake Collins, Bob Simpson, Matthew Gaydos, Santa Carlos, The Capsules & The Tranquil.

So look out for the DVD & CD release of Dead In Love – I’ll post release dates here as soon as I know.

I’ll leave you with the cool movie poster.

Dead In Love movie poster

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