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Six Pack Sam & Korg Gadget

My current movie project, the Joe McReynolds’ movie Six Pack Sam, is really taking shape now. Over the next month I will be finishing the soundtrack for it and July will see the very first screening for cast and crew. I’ve got to say that the movie is looking beautiful and I really have high hopes for it – I can’t wait until you can all see it.

For this soundtrack I really wanted to do something different – it needed to sound gritty, menacing and unnerving. I wanted phat synths and heavy beats to create the disturbing audio world of Six Pack Sam so I knew I had to look at different music software. I had already been dabbling with Korg’s amazing iOS app, Gadget, for both my bands (Flesh-Resonance and Captain Creep) so I knew what it was capable off.

So I grabbed a Korg microKEY Air keyboard and starting writing the soundtrack using Gadget. I worked in the studio, on the train, in the garden – literally wherever there was a little bit of space to set up my iPad and keyboard – and the world of Six Pack Sam started taking shape.

Six Pack Sam could well be the very first movie scored exclusively with Korg Gadget. I’m finding Gadget fun and easy to use, and the fact that I can simply score wherever I am is just amazing – I’m no longer shackled to the studio.

And let’s not forget the truly mindblowing sounds Gadget is capable off – it’s packed full of stunning synths that can all be customised and fully automated.

Once the movie is complete, we’ll be releasing the original soundtrack album. Full details will be available here and of course I’ll let you know of new trailers and screenings of Six Pack Sam in the future.

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  1. Ian Bennett 15th June 2016

    Hi Tony, I am putting a LINKS page in the OMF site. If you let me know your preferred URL I will add you to the page. There is also the facility for a small logo max size 250×100 pixels @ 72dpi if you have one.


    Ian W Bennett MBKS

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