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Premiere of Within Darkness – the short spoken word film

“Creative souls are introspective souls. With introspection comes the realization that our lives are but a mist within a vapor. We don’t get to choose how our minds instinctively react to this revelation, but we do get to choose whether we remain in darkness. Demons are best fought with a friend at one’s side. Reach out. Talk to someone. All around this old world, your fellow creatives are right beside you in spirit. There’s light ahead. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. You’re never alone.”
– Bill Oberst Jr.

Within Darkness is now complete and you can watch the short film below which aims to raise awareness of depression and mental health issues. It is one man’s journey into depression and shows the importance of speaking out, not staying ‘within darkness’.

This collaboration was created by Stephen Harper and is narrated by award winning actor Bill Oberst Jr. with Gothic photography by Amanda Norman and a soundtrack by myself.

You can read more information about the project and everybody who was involved here: – make sure to share the video wherever you can to help raise awareness of mental health issues.

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