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New Halloween Home Haunts trailers

Two new trailers for Halloween Home Haunts have just gone online, go watch them below. This soon-to-be-released documentary, which features my music throughout, follows eight home haunters in their pursuit to transform their nice suburban homes into visions of the macabre.

The haunting season starts 17 September 2013 when Halloween Home Haunts is released on DVD & Blu-ray.

Halloween Home Haunts

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  1. Draculaura 9th September 2013

    I have loved Halloween every since I was little, but then again, it was all about the candy back then.

    Now, I just love haunted houses, and watching the cool mechanical zombies with their eyes bulging out.

    The music definitely plays a BIG part in setting the atmosphere, it gets your mind ready to expect something scary is about to happen.

    You have got the scary theme music down, and I look forward to the release of Home Halloween Haunts.

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