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New Coffee Jelly Hour episodes and artwork

The Coffee Jelly Hour podcast is still going strong, with 41 episodes under our belt so far. Hosted by myself, Ace, Matt and Seth, the podcast always starts with a brief catch up of what we’ve all been doing / watching / playing / reading (basically, nerdy stuff) before we get into the real meat of the show – the fan fiction. Just imagine a radio play with a script written by an angry, spotty, virgin teen which is performed by a group of guys who don’t really know what’s going on – yes, it’s funny and totally ridiculous.

Go listen to the podcast right now, right here…

Ace recently created this amazing piece of #CJ60 (that’s what we like to call the show – thank you Matt Donnelly) artwork below showing your hosts to the left and a selection of fan fiction characters to the right including our most beloved icon, Eric.

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