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New Album Release: The Patreon Music Collection Volume 2

Here’s a brand new album release, it’s volume 2 / 20 tracks of free music funded by my lovely supporters over at Patreon. With their kind help I have been able to create and release new free music every month for all to enjoy.

This second release contains another 20 tracks of free music I wrote for my Patreon music campaign. Spanning many different genres from soundscapes to dance, you can use all these pieces completely free of charge in your projects (movies, video games, podcasts, etc.) – just give me credit wherever you use them.

You can download all the individual tracks for free from my Free Music page or you can get them from your favourite digital music store – Amazon, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, etc. etc.

You too can help me fund my future music releases for as little as $1 a month. You’ll find more information on my Patreon page so come join me on this exciting musical journey. Please share these free pieces of music, remix them, do whatever you want with them – the important thing is, you enjoy them.

Please support my music on Patreon!

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