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New album ‘Have You Played Atari Today?’

Remember the late 70s? A time of new technology, new hopes and dreams. Anything was possible including bringing amazing video games into our very own homes.

There were other simple game consoles appearing on the market at that time but it wasn’t until the Atari VCS hit the streets that things really started to get exciting.

The Atari VCS was fun from the beginning. It featured full colour graphics and great sound effects, but what made the console really stand out was the immense selection of video games.

There were classic arcade games available for the console like Space Invaders, Defender and Pac-Man as well as many original titles like Star Raiders, Demon Attack and River Raid.

I spent many days blasting aliens, getting lost in Adventure and doing the whole Indiana Jones thing in Pitfall – it was good, clean video game fun.

To this day I still love playing all things retro – many an evening I fire up one of my two Atari VCS consoles (I have the original model and the updated sleeker version) and relive those dreamy video game days of my childhood.

The Atari VCS certainly made a big impact on me and that’s why I wanted to put my memories into musical form. This album contains these raw emotions translated into song. Just picture the game Yar’s Revenge with my music blasting out in the background and you’ll get the idea of what I was going for.

In fact, why not go one better and actually play these old video games while listening to my album. Go on, give it a go and let’s reunite the past and present so you can truly say yes, you have played Atari today.

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