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Nation Undead

I’ve blogged elsewhere about how much I’m into the concept of Nation Undead. For those not in the know, here’s a little extract from their website about what it’s all about…

“Welcome to Nation Undead. This site offers you the opportunity to tell a story on an entirely new level. Together with the rest of the country and the world your vision of filmmaking can finally be realized on a grand scale. With our combined creativity we can tell the most ambitious and epic horror story ever created. These are your stories, this is our goal. Be a part of history.”

It’s not only of interest to filmmakers because the Nation Undead site now enables musicians & photographers to upload their work in the hope of it featuring in one of the many short movies being created for the competition.

I’ve actually donated a whole load of my music to them & they very kindly sent me a cool stack of Nation Undead merchandise including a t-shirt, stickers & several Toxicil pill bottles.



Even if you’re not a filmmaker, musician or photographer, I urge you to go visit the site & check out some of the cool submissions coming through.

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