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My music shortlisted for Penn Jillette / Adam Rifkin movie Director’s Cut

The thrilling news that my music has been shortlisted for the crowd funded movie Director’s Cut came through this week – it’s not a definite that my music will be featured in the final movie but I’m now just 1 of 10 musicians shortlisted for the soundtrack.

Take a listen to the music I submitted below…

I’ll give you further updates on this as soon as I hear anything.

Director's Cut poster

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  1. Aline Xu 27th September 2015

    Did your music get into the final cut of the movie?

  2. Aline Xu 31st December 2015

    Now that the movie is completed, I would’ve thought we’d hear which music was selected. And I’m sad to see reports Penn Jillette lied about having nearly 5,000 contributors to the movie’s crowdfunding, even though there were only a few hundred real contributors. Why would he lie about that?

    • tonylongworth 6th January 2016

      Yeah I’m eager to hear what music was selected for the final cut. Penn lied? Really? I find that hard to believe. Where did you see this?

  3. Aline Xu 6th February 2016

    I read about Penn lying about Director’s Cut at and — and I’m starting to think he also lied about using music from a crowdfunding contributor.

  4. tonylongworth 8th February 2016

    This has got to be a joke right? They don’t seem like legit sites at all, just something someones thrown together

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