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Happy Halloween !!!


No, I haven’t flipped & lost the plot; I realise that the haunting season is not quite upon us yet but I’m giving an early shout-out to all those people who organise Halloween events across the globe who would like to enhance & raise the quality of their events with the help of my music.

I love Halloween & I’ve visited numerous events in both the UK & the US so I fully understand the important part that music & sound plays in the creation of totally immersive environments.

So if you run an event that needs any type of music or sound, then get in touch. I’ve got a large catalogue of existing music & I’m willing to compose new pieces exclusively for events. Maybe you just need 1 song for a particular part of the event or an entire soundtrack. Whatever you’re looking for, I can make it happen for you.

Here’s a sample of my past work to whet your appetite >

Drop me an e-mail at & we can discuss.

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  1. Katy 14th September 2009

    Hey Tony, Just want to let you know that I will post a blog telling everyone that if they need music for their halloween event, that you ARE the Man!! Also, is the *What the..?* trailer posted on myspace videos? If so, let me know so that I can add it to my favorites videos slideshow on my front page at myspace 😉 Just trying to promote your stuff >.<

  2. Katy 17th September 2009

    You’re welcome Tony. Thanks for the link, I’ve already added it to my faves along with a few others 😉 yes, I agree, your music is just right for those sort of things. I also agree that your music and the horror film industry seem to work very well together. I still like your Traditional works with the band equally as much though. You’re very well rounded in the musical aspects and very musically inclined. I think you’re doing very well for yourself. Just keep up the great work. You’ll always have a great thing going with your Talents >.<

    • tonylongworth 17th September 2009

      That’s brilliant Katy…I’m actually working on several CD releases at the moment, one should be out fairly soon, it’s the soundtrack for the movie Dead In Love that I worked on, quite excited about that…also working on a solo CD & a band one too so there’s going to be plenty of new stuff real soon.

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