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GET LAMP has arrived !!!!!

My copy & my band’s copy of GET LAMP has arrived complete with coins # 298 & 299. I’ve been so excited over this project for 2 main reasons; firstly, I’m a big fan of text adventure games & secondly, both my music & my band’s music (Flesh-Resonance) features in the documentary.

Now I’ve seen GET LAMP I can safely say that it was well worth the wait. Everything about this release screams quality from the packaging & the coin right through to the documentary itself with all the extras contained on both DVDs. Hell, you can even watch an interactive version of the documentary where you’re given the choice of different directions to take on several occasions through the movie.

Jason Scott has done an astounding job in tackling this much-loved yet much overlooked period in video gaming. He has literally scoured the planet in search of all the important people who have pioneered the text adventure game. These interviews are entertaining, enlightening & sometimes very funny. To have got most of the Infocom team together is an amazing feat in itself, let alone all the other people he managed to interview.

There are loads of nice touches that Jason has included with this release from the inclusion of subtitles to multiple audio tracks – a nice touch is that you can watch with just the music or just the speech. There’s also commentary tracks too.

This is a great release & I wish Jason much deserved success with it. If you’ve got a fleeting interest in this genre of gaming, make sure to get yourself a copy

Here’s a little video of me actually opening GET LAMP…

Don’t forgot that you can get your hands on most of the music featured in GET LAMP totally free of charge by visiting & — enjoy !

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  1. Jeremy, Text Game Ninja 4th September 2010

    I am definitely going to have to get this. I have been a text game fan for many, many years. We need to talk him into making something that goes over the history of online text games (MUDs) as well.

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