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GET LAMP documentary to feature my music

Jason Scott’s Get Lamp, a documentary about the creation of text adventure games told in the words of the people who made them, is to feature my music. Have a watch of the teaser trailer…

I’m really excited about this project because I grew up playing these games written by the likes of Steve Meretzky, Mike Berlyn, Brian Moriarty & Scott Adams, so to have my music featured in a documentary that actually interviews these pioneers is just such an amazing honour for me. Hell, even nowadays, years later, I dig out an Infocom game from time-to-time & immerse myself in the wonderful world of interactive fiction. It was only the other month I was playing Trinity – what a game.

Go visit the official site at & check out all the amazing people that are interviewed. The documentary will be a 2 disc release in a sleek, fancy DVD wraparound case. Take a peek at the artwork…

The official release date for Get Lamp is March 2010. It will have its world premiere at the PAX EAST convention in Boston, Massachusetts at the end of March. Pre-order it here & see all the goodies you get with it.

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