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Free music

Here’s a selection of free music for your enjoyment. I’m adding more on a monthly basis so make sure to keep coming back to check out new pieces.

You can use all of these pieces in any of your projects (movies, video games, podcasts, etc. etc.). All I ask is that you credit me by name (Tony Longworth) and website ( Feel free to share these pieces, remix them, do whatever you want with them – the important thing is, you enjoy the music.

All the music below is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


The following free music is funded by my lovely patrons over at Patreon. You too can join them by funding my monthly music releases for as little as $1 a month. Visit my Patreon page for more information on how to get involved with this exciting musical journey.

You can listen to all these free Patreon tracks on YouTube right here and download them individually below.

Name Style Tempo Length
Everything Changes But It All Stays The Same contemporary classical 100 6:53
Dance Me This dance 120 4:29
Atomic Arcade Rave chiptune 120 3:47
Nothing’s Going to Change pop 106 3:51
Just Before Dawn soundscape 96 4:43
A Nightmare on Halloween dance 136 3:54
Personality Is Everything dance 108 4:22
Fuster Cluck contemporary 106 9:29
Tanglewood soundtrack 80 4:57
8-bit Wonderland dance 90 5:25
Bandersnatch dance 130 5:11
Somalia world 100 5:28
Welcome to Darkwater soundtrack n/a 6:03
Jesus Was A Grey metal 120 5:59
Rain Infected Water industrial 125 3:59
The Backstage of Reality dance 118 5:04
Into The Vertical Blank industrial 85 6:38
Dead Is Forever dance 120 5:16
Lament world 105 5:19
Pseudologia Fantastica industrial 120 4:13
Underland soundtrack 121 2:55
Empty Spaces world 126 5:04
Sinistrality experimental 60 5:47
The Ghost Train soundtrack 140 3:45
Legal Procedures Will Be Filed rock 120 5:13
Legal Procedures Will Be Filed (angry phone call mix) rock 120 5:13
Psychonaut industrial 116 3:38
Mikado Manta Cabana chiptune 92 2:32
The Indifference Machine soundscape 100 8:25
Black Mirror soundtrack 80 4:03
Sucking on the Horn of the Science Unicorn minimalist experimental 80 3:51
Divide By Zero dance 120 4:37
Close Your Mind soundscape n/a 4:41
Close Your Eyes soundtrack n/a 3:30
Stranger Things soundscape n/a 3:45
The Creeping soundtrack n/a 2:43
Unhallowed Ground soundtrack 105 3:42
Chillwave dance 125 3:22
Days of the Dead soundtrack 110 3:38
Gaunt Hill soundtrack 120 4:41
And The Sun Still Shines Above The Clouds rock 110 11:41
A Pain So Deep soundscape n/a 4:40
Transhuman dance 110 5:53
Off The Grid world 80 3:48
The Void Behind My Eyes soundscape n/a 12:18
The Sweat House funk 110 4:19
Turn of the Screw dance 120 5:21
Beyond the Light soundtrack 65 3:35

All The Emotions

The following 50 pieces of free music (that’s over 4 hours) can be downloaded individually right here or you can download them all in one go from

Listen to previews of all the music from this album on YouTube right here to get an idea of what each track sounds like.

Name / Style Tempo Length ISRC
Action1 133bpm 4:24 USCGH1793076
Action2 110bpm 2:54 USCGH1793077
Action3 110bpm 3:18 USCGH1793078
Action4 110bpm 3:58 USCGH1793079
Action5 110bpm 3:17 USCGH1793080
Advert1 110bpm 4:27 USCGH1793081
Advert2 97bpm 4:46 USCGH1793082
Advert3 91bpm 5:03 USCGH1793083
Advert4 110bpm 5:40 USCGH1793084
Advert5 93bpm 5:18 USCGH1793085
Comedy1 110bpm 4:43 USCGH1793086
Comedy2 110bpm 5:18 USCGH1793087
Comedy3 82bpm 4:23 USCGH1793088
Comedy4 110bpm 5:48 USCGH1793089
Comedy5 100bpm 5:41 USCGH1793090
Drama1 98bpm 4:23 USCGH1793091
Drama2 100bpm 4:37 USCGH1793092
Drama3 70bpm 5:36 USCGH1793093
Drama4 110bpm 5:01 USCGH1793094
Drama5 83bpm 4:43 USCGH1793095
Horror1 110bpm 6:27 USCGH1793096
Horror2 110bpm 4:40 USCGH1793097
Horror3 110bpm 5:25 USCGH1793098
Horror4 110bpm 5:55 USCGH1793099
Horror5 110bpm 4:34 USCGH1793100
Nature1 93bpm 5:13 USCGH1793101
Nature2 110bpm 4:35 USCGH1793102
Nature3 77bpm 7:59 USCGH1793103
Nature4 86bpm 4:33 USCGH1793104
Nature5 110bpm 3:55 USCGH1793105
News1 126bpm 3:54 USCGH1793106
News2 120bpm 3:16 USCGH1793107
News3 89bpm 4:27 USCGH1793108
News4 93bpm 3:55 USCGH1793109
News5 100bpm 3:14 USCGH1793110
Romantic1 105bpm 4:57 USCGH1793111
Romantic2 110bpm 5:57 USCGH1793112
Romantic3 110bpm 5:55 USCGH1793113
Romantic4 95bpm 8:11 USCGH1793114
Romantic5 80bpm 6:12 USCGH1793115
Sad1 110bpm 5:03 USCGH1793116
Sad2 76bpm 4:17 USCGH1793117
Sad3 75bpm 4:37 USCGH1793118
Sad4 80bpm 4:54 USCGH1793119
Sad5 97bpm 4:23 USCGH1793120
Stoner1 110bpm 6:29 USCGH1793121
Stoner2 110bpm 5:33 USCGH1793122
Stoner3 96bpm 5:26 USCGH1793123
Stoner4 110bpm 5:21 USCGH1793125
Stoner5 110bpm 5:23 USCGH1793127

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