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Free Tony Longworth music sampler

I’ve put together a selection of my music for easy download so if anyone asks about what I do I can just point them to a single place where they can download & listen to my work.

This sampler contains 8 MP3 tracks zipped into a single 16mb file. Download it right here.

When I release new music I’ll be updating this sampler with newer stuff. I’ll blog about it here so you’ll all know when it’s been updated.

So for now enjoy my first 8 track sampler, download it, listen to it, copy it onto friends…spread my music like a disease !!

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  1. katyaretxabaleta 15th June 2009

    Thanks ever so much for the music Tony <3 I finally made it over to check out this site 😉 It's looking really great here and the music is sounding even better than ever before. Hope to catch up with you again soon. I don't know if I gave you the link to my new online Art gallery, yet I will give it to you here :

    Anyway, I just purchased a new 1.5 Tb HD and have looooaads of storage now. I've been listening to all kinds of inspiring music & sifting through all sorts of thought provoking stock-arts and so I hope to be posting some new art again very soon. Also keep your eyes open, I'm seriously thinking of posting my old poetry up at myspace on the blog/journal. It's really great to be able to finally catch up with what you are doing again 😉 Hope to talk again sometime soon. xox

    • tonylongworth 25th June 2009

      Hey Katy, great to hear from you again…glad you like my new site…this is my permanent home now so everything that’s going on with me will be listed here.

      Loving your gallery, just had a browse through & there’s some really awesome works there, really like you’re style…they’re crying out to be used on an album cover in the future 🙂

      Let me know if you post your old poetry, would love to read.

      Keep in touch, Tony.

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