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Dwarfsploitation book available now

One of the things I love about being a composer is releasing a new album, whether it’s a CD release or digital release on iTunes, CD Baby, etc. Just getting to the end of a project & having something cool to be proud of really gives me a good feeling.

This week, that good feeling was extended to book releases when Brad Paulson & Chris Watson’s new book Dwarfsploitation arrived – you see I designed the book cover for this very cool & very original read & I couldn’t have been more pleased when I opened the package to reveal my work in all its glossy glory.

Dwarfsploitation is the first book released on the subject of dwarf cinema. Yes, you heard right, DWARF CINEMA. The book is all about the movies that feature our dear little friends. There are movies you’ve heard of like Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc. then there’s the obscure flicks that you’ll want to go track down & watch.

I’d highly recommend this book to anyone into indie cinema, after all both Brad & Chris are indie filmmakers so they bring a whole load of fascinating info as well as a stacks of humour.

Enough talk, go get your copy from either Barnes and Noble or Amazon & make sure to visit the Facebook page.

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