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Dead Harvey TV

I’ve just received the pilot of Dead Harvey TV from writer / director Brad Paulson & I’ve got to say it’s a really excellent & humorous piece of work. It’s littered with fun, interesting characters & there’s loads of in jokes that will appeal to all micro-cinema buffs.

Loosely spoofing the Dead Harvey website, the series takes a look behind the scenes of a struggling no-budget chat show & the no-hoper crew that really have nothing better to do. Guests on the pilot episode include suicidal film director Chris Watson & an adult baby. I wrote music for the entire episode & I’m pleased to say that my music works well adding to the fun & sleazy atmosphere.

Brad is currently looking for funding for future episodes so if you or anyone you know wants to invest in something good then drop me an e-mail & I’ll forward it on.

Dead Harvey TV will be appearing on-line in the near future, I’ll let you know when it’s available for all to see but until then I’ll leave you with a few screen-grabs of Brad on the can…take a guess whose face is on that poster behind him.




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