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CJ60 #74 – Never Scrape Your Tongue

Sonic & Gumball: Back In Time chapter 1 & 2 / Sonic & Gumball: A Nightmare on Elmore Street: This episode is definitely a case of déjà vu as the guys believe they’ve already recorded episode 74 last week, or was that just a strange dream? Anyhow, the guys chat about Mexican gardener noise terrorists, Gene Simmons being the absolute worst, used tampons, the horror of childbirth and how they generally hate women. On the plus side, there’s no talk at all about the remake of Ghostbusters. Then it’s onto not one but two pieces of god-awful fan fiction which is going to make Uncle Mike turn in his grave whoever Uncle Mike is because he was first referenced on last weeks podcast that was never recorded as it was just a dream – this is beginning to be like that movie Inception but more enjoyable and much more understandable.

You’ll also find this episode on Atomic Geekdom and Google Play.

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