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CJ60 #60 – Losing your D&D virginity

Can I Love My Sister? chapter 5: The guys ponder the fact that kids movies and TV shows are way better than ones for us grown ups while Seth is excited to lose his D&D virginity and tells us all about his character. There’s also talk of man flu, Mega Bloks now being called Mega Constructs according to Paul Mattingly, Eric still being the best and the abortion that is the new Ghostbusters movie – god, we do hate women. Then it’s onto the “fucking gay” (Ace’s words) fan fiction where things get steamy…kind of. Matt needs to leave early so Ace, Seth and Tony get their ‘Talking Twincest’ on. This episode is brought to you by, and – use the code ‘coffeejellyhour’ to get free shit.

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