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Body Horror

Body Horror is a collaboration between myself and actor extraordinaire Bill Oberst Jr.

Bill is a fascinating person, and seeing him on screen is just hypnotic – his features, both facial and bodily, are distinct so we decided we wanted to create a video to show these things off alongside my dark musical imaginings.

Body Horror is the result. We created 2 versions of the video, one with Bill’s voiceover, one without. Watch both below and revel in the Body Horror.

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  1. Bill Oberst Jr. (@billoberstjr) 16th March 2015

    I am a Tony Longworth fan. A huge Tony Longworth fan. In my opinion he’s one of the most soulful alternative music composers we have among us.

    To work with him was a joy; an honor. And, just like listening to Tony’s music with the lights off; it was a chance to explore things that lie beyond the day-to-day cares that keep us all weighted down…a chance to look out into the transcendent,and up towards the numinous.

    Thanks Tony.


    Bill Oberst Jr.

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