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Patreon VLOG: 8/6/19 – I’m in Majorca, it’s sunny and I might be a little drunk

Patreon VLOG: 13/2/19 – metal & money in my kitchen

Patreon VLOG: 13/1/19 – a windy, rainy update from the UK

Patreon VLOG: 6/1/19

Patreon VLOG: 27/11/18

Patreon VLOG: 28/9/18

VLOG: Going to the ‘After Affects – Crossed Wires’ charity movie premiere #FASD

DARK FESTIVE DELIGHTS #8 – it’s all over

DARK FESTIVE DELIGHTS #7 – it’s beginning to look a lot like Xmas

DARK FESTIVE DELIGHTS #6 – what exactly is Thanksgiving?


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