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2019 me plays Moonstone, a text adventure game written by 80s me

Into The Vertical Blank music video

Patreon VLOG: 14/4/19 – the longest and most boring update so far

Unboxing Colourspace Light Synthesiser by Llamasoft – Atari ST

Listen to my music and interview on the latest episode of Into The Vertical Blank podcast

Frogger Retro now features an 8-bit retro version called Frogger 1981

Master of the Lamps (Atari 8-bit) – ALL LIVES LOST

Tempest 2000 (Atari Jaguar) – ALL LIVES LOST

Chuckie Egg II – Harry Returns in Time for Easter (Atari ST) – ALL LIVES LOST

Chuckie Egg (Atari 8-bit) – ALL LIVES LOST


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