Here’s a selection of free music for your enjoyment.

You can use all of these pieces in any of your projects (movies, video games, podcasts, etc. etc.). All I ask is that you credit me by name (Tony Longworth) and website ( Feel free to share these pieces, remix them, do whatever you want with them – the important thing is, you enjoy the music.

All the music below is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

The following 50 pieces of music (that’s over 4 hours) can be downloaded individually. You can also download all this music in one go for just $9.99 from CD Baby.


Name / Style Tempo Length ISRC
Action1 133bpm 4:24 uscgh1793076
Action2 110bpm 2:54 uscgh1793077
Action3 110bpm 3:18 uscgh1793078
Action4 110bpm 3:58 uscgh1793079
Action5 110bpm 3:17 uscgh1793080
Advert1 110bpm 4:27 uscgh1793081
Advert2 97bpm 4:46 uscgh1793082
Advert3 91bpm 5:03 uscgh1793083
Advert4 110bpm 5:40 uscgh1793084
Advert5 93bpm 5:18 uscgh1793085
Comedy1 110bpm 4:43 uscgh1793086
Comedy2 110bpm 5:18 uscgh1793087
Comedy3 82bpm 4:23 uscgh1793088
Comedy4 110bpm 5:48 uscgh1793089
Comedy5 100bpm 5:41 uscgh1793090
Drama1 98bpm 4:23 uscgh1793091
Drama2 100bpm 4:37 uscgh1793092
Drama3 70bpm 5:36 uscgh1793093
Drama4 110bpm 5:01 uscgh1793094
Drama5 83bpm 4:43 uscgh1793095
Horror1 110bpm 6:27 uscgh1793096
Horror2 110bpm 4:40 uscgh1793097
Horror3 110bpm 5:25 uscgh1793098
Horror4 110bpm 5:55 uscgh1793099
Horror5 110bpm 4:34 uscgh1793100
Nature1 93bpm 5:13 uscgh1793101
Nature2 110bpm 4:35 uscgh1793102
Nature3 77bpm 7:59 uscgh1793103
Nature4 86bpm 4:33 uscgh1793104
Nature5 110bpm 3:55 uscgh1793105
News1 126bpm 3:54 uscgh1793106
News2 120bpm 3:16 uscgh1793107
News3 89bpm 4:27 uscgh1793108
News4 93bpm 3:55 uscgh1793109
News5 100bpm 3:14 uscgh1793110
Romantic1 105bpm 4:57 uscgh1793111
Romantic2 110bpm 5:57 uscgh1793112
Romantic3 110bpm 5:55 uscgh1793113
Romantic4 95bpm 8:11 uscgh1793114
Romantic5 80bpm 6:12 uscgh1793115
Sad1 110bpm 5:03 uscgh1793116
Sad2 76bpm 4:17 uscgh1793117
Sad3 75bpm 4:37 uscgh1793118
Sad4 80bpm 4:54 uscgh1793119
Sad5 97bpm 4:23 uscgh1793120
Stoner1 110bpm 6:29 uscgh1793121
Stoner2 110bpm 5:33 uscgh1793122
Stoner3 96bpm 5:26 uscgh1793123
Stoner4 110bpm 5:21 uscgh1793125
Stoner5 110bpm 5:23 uscgh1793127